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Borodino-the battle of giants

Фото пользователя Надежда Юрьевна Иванова
Submitted by Надежда Юрьевна Иванова on Tue, 05/03/2013 - 18:45
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Иванова Надежда Юрьевна
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МБОУ "Дивенская ООШ"
Ленинградская область
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основное общее образование
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Административный работник
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Классный руководитель
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Учащийся (студент)
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Учитель (преподаватель)
7 класс
8 класс
Английский язык
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- обобщить и углубить знания учащихся по теме «Война 1812 г. Бородино»,

- привлечь учащихся к поиску дополнительного материала в ходе подготовки к долгосрочному общешкольному проекту «Память о 1812».

Тип урока: 
Комбинированный урок
Учащихся в классе (аудитории): 
Используемое оборудование: 

Интерактивная доска, ПК

Используемые ЦОР: 

ПК с выходом в Интернет, мультимедиа проект,Презентация «Память о 1812».

Краткое описание: 
Проверка знаний учащихся исторических событий войны 1812 года, изучение новой лексики по теме "Военные действия", повторение ранее изученного материала. Контроль и оценка чтения и аудирования учеников.


Ход урока.


In our first meeting on the 1st of September all around stressed that this year was announced as the Year of History in Russia. Can you remember just some reasons (we spoke yesterday) why?


PUPILS’ answers…


TEACHER: Which of the brightest events from Russian history are we going to speak today? It’s easy to guess by your homework you were given yesterday.


PUPILS’ answers…


TEACHER: We’ll start with general information about Patriotic War 1812. For the following work you should be divided in to 3 groups, just do it as you like.

Now, the tasks for you: On your tables you have some papers with some remarkable events from Patriotic War 1812. (Приложение№ 1)You are to: a) put them in time (logical) order, b) translate into English, c) add some pictures of famous Russians, whose names are closely connected with the particular event. As usual, of course, you are to choose the one or any to present your results. You’ve got 7 minutes.


PUPILS work in groups…


TEACHER: Well done! You are succeeded in this task, but I’ll be fully satisfied if you can answer my next questions. They are also about Patriotic War 1812. (a teacher can give stars for the right answers to pupils to estimate the winner group)

1) Why is this War called The Patriotic one?

2) Who did Suvorov tell this line about? “He was a commander of my left-flung army, as if he was my right hand”.

3) Which is the most important battle of 1812?

4) Which holly icon did Kutuzov pray to before the battle?

5) How long did the general battle of Borodino last?

6) What date was it?

7) Why did Kutuzov decided to leave Moscow after the victory at Borodino?


PUPILS’ answers…

(if a teacher uses stars, she shouldn’t forget to sum up the results and announce the winner)


TEACHER: Now all our attention we will pay to the greatest Borodino. Please, look at the  screen. Then we’ll work with the text about Borodino. But now, I’d like you to have a chance to feel the smell of the battle.

Well, let’s come down to the text. It’s rather big and difficult. Here are the list of new words. They will help you. Take it and repeat aloud after me/a teacher pronounces new words/

The first task can be done in pairs: you are to read it and divide it into logical parts as the steps of the battle.


PUPILS’ answers.


A TEACHER follows by sticking proper sheets on the board.

1.      Background

2.      Prelude

3.      The Battle of Shevardino Redoubt

4.      Battleof Borodino. The position

5.       Bagration’s fleches.

6.      Struggle for the Raevsky redoubt.

7.      End of the battle

TEACHER: Now, please take your individual sheets with the same tasks. Do them and write the answers. Any questions?

Tasks (приложение№ 2)

Text (приложение№ 3)

TEACHER: Time is up. Give me your answers/you will get results next lesson. While some are not ready yet, I’ll have extra questions for you.

Who knows:

- When was the poem Borodino (by Lermontov) written?

- Which monument was erected in St. Petersburg to commemorate the victory over Napoleon?

- What cathedral was built in honor of the victory over The French Grande Armée?

PUPILS give their works back to the teacher.

TEACHER: Our lesson is getting over, but not finished. We’ll go on with our project work on this topic. What kind of projects can we make? My presentation will help you to guess.

PUPILS suggest their ideas…

TEACHER: I’ve thought about it to and advise you 2 ones: “The gallery of glorious men 1812” and  “Memorials can speak”. Youaretochoose. Goodluck!

Технологическая карта урока.

Приложение 1: Лента основных событий Отечественной войны 1812 года.

Приложение2: After-reading TEST.

Приложение3: The battle of Borodino.



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