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11 класс (ТЕСТ)

Submitted by Галина Валентиновна Губарева on пн, 19/09/2011 - 13:07
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Губарева Галина Валентиновна
Ставропольский край
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основное общее образование
11 класс
Английский язык
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Учащийся (студент)
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<p> тест для 11 класса</p>



What is the official name of Britain?

a) The UK b) the USA c) GB

  1. Where if the UK situated?

a) On the British island b) on the west of Europe с) on the East of America

  1. What parts does the UK consist of?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4

  1. What is the capital of Britain?

a) Washington, DC b) London c) Belfast

  1. What is the oldest part of London?

a)the West End b)the East End c)the City

  1. What the mostly working – class part of London?

a)the West End b)the East End c)the City

  1. What part of London is the symbol of wealth and culture?

a)the West End b)the East End c)the City

  1. What is the official part of London?

a) Westminster b) St Paul’s Cathedral c) British museum

  1. What river is the British capital situated on?

a) On the Hudson river b) on the Thames c) on Volga

  1. What is the capital of Scotland?
  2. Edinburgb) Cardiff с) Belfast
  3. What is the symbol England?

a) the rose b) the thistle c) the star 



1. What your neighbours (to do) yesterday?

2. Mr. Smith (to fox) his car yesterday morning.

3. His wife (to water) plants on the garden.

4. Their children (to clean) the yard and then they (to play) basketball.

5. Inthe evening their little girl (to cry) a little and (to watch) TV.

6. Helen speaks French so well because she (to live) in France.

7. She (to live) there last year.

8. The rain (to stop) and the sun is shining in the sky again.

9. The rain (to stop) half an hour ago.

10. Marry (to buy) a new hat.