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Викторина на английском языке "Флора и фауна Республики Марий Эл"

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УЧЕБНОЕ ЗАВЕДЕНИЕ: Лицей им. М. В. Ломоносова
УЧИТЕЛЬ: Уртемеева Н. В.
ТЕМА: Защита окружающей среды

1. What birds appear first in our republic in spring? (rooks, skylarks, starlings)
2. What birds fly to us in winter? (bullfinches, waxwings, redpolls)
3. Which of our birds:
- fly south in autumn? ( the starling, the lark, the rook, the lapwing)
- winter in our republic? ( the magpie, the capercallie, the pigeon, the tomtit)
- hatches its eggs in winter? ( the crossbill)
- lay their eggs in sandpits? ( the candpipe and the gull)
- neither makes a nest nor hatches its eggs?
- makes holes to nest? ( the sandmartin)
- sing very early in the morning? (the redstart, the thrust, the robin)
- can you hear singing at night (the nightingale, the reed-warbler)
- can carry its nestlings from one place to another in its paws (the woodcock)
- hide themselves in the snow in bitter frost? (the partridge, the hazel grouse, the heath-cock, the capercallie)
- has a long beak and makes holes in trees (the woodpecker)
4. What is the smallest bird living in out forests? (the goldcrest)
5. What rare bird nests on the marshes in Medvedevo region? (the black stork)
6. This heavy large animal with thick rough fur which eats flesh and also fruit and insects was considered to be the Forest Owner by the Mari (the bear)
7. This small animal with a long fury tail can quickly climb trees and eats nuts. Its skins were used as money by the Mari (the squirrel).
8. This large animal has big flat antlers which were thought to be a talisman and people kept them in houses to drive evil spirits away. This animal is depicted on the coat-of-arms of Yoshkar-Ola (the elk)
9. This small animal lives mainly in trees and has valuable fur (the marten)
10. What fur-bearing animal becomes white in winter except the tip of its tail? (the stoat in its winter fur ‘becomes’ the ermine)
11. These large heavy pigs are often hunted in Mari El but no longer found in Britain (wild boars)
12. What rare species of birds and animals of our republic are listed in the Red Data Book? (the black stork, the falcon, the sea eagle, the golden eagle, the desman)
13. This tree is considered to be sacred; on its branches the Mari hang their gifts and amulets. Its bark was use to make trumpets for calling for God during prayings (the birch tree)
14. This low bush with berries and prickly leaves which remain green all year was used by the Mari to drive the evil spirits away from their houses (the juniper)
15. The groves of these trees were considered to be sacred places where the Mari people held their religious prayings (oaks)
16. This tree with many pointed leaves is common in our forests; it also used to represent Canada (the maple)
17. What names of plants growing in our republic contain the names of animals, insects, or birds? (cat’s foot, bearberry, cowslip, horsetail, toadflax, harebell, cat’s tail, fly agaric, henbane, duck’s meat, cuckoo flower, dog rose)
18. What rare plants growing in Mari El are listed in the Red Data Book? (lily of the valley, lady’s slipper, white water lily, yellow water lily, windflower, saxifrage, water chestnut, etc.)
19. What berries do people gather on our marshes? (cranberries, bilberries, bog bilberries)
20. What are the first spring flowers in Mari El? (bluebells, primroses, snowdrops, goose-grass, foal foot)


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