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Test Spotlight 6 Module 2

Submitted by Татьяна Валерьевна Калягина on вс, 06/12/2015 - 17:51
Данные об авторе
Калягина Татьяна Валерьевна
Место работы, должность: 

МОУ "СОШ №23 г. Йошкар-Олы" республики Марий Эл

учитель английского языка

Республика Марий Эл
Характеристики ресурса
Уровни образования: 
основное общее образование
6 класс
Английский язык
Целевая аудитория: 
Учитель (преподаватель)
Тип ресурса: 
контрольная (проверочная) работа
Краткое описание ресурса: 
<p>Контрольная работа по окончании 2 модуля Spotlight 6</p>

Test (Spotlight-6, Module 2)

I. Listening.

Listen and for questions 1-5 write a, b or c.







II. Translate into English.

e.g. There is a …….. in the ……..  .

1) На кухне есть плита, холодильник и раковина.

2) В гостиной есть диван.

3) В спальне есть кровать.

4) В ванной комнате есть ванна.

5) В кабинете есть книжный шкаф.

6) B столовой есть обеденный стол.


III. Write the words as in the example.

2nd – second     8:20 – twenty past eight


4. 20th

7. 10.45

2. 3rd

5. 25th

8. 9:15

3. 12th

6. 7:00

9. 10:30


IV. Underline the correct item.

1. There aren’t some/any paintings on the wall.

2. There are any/some cushions on the sofa.

3. Is there a/some newsagent’s?

4. There is any/a wardrobe in the room.

5. There is a/an fridge in the kitchen.


V. Complete the sentences with at, on or in.

1. They go to bed …….. 10:00p.m.

2. I see my family …….. the weekend.

3. We play football ……. Sundays.

4. Helen’s birthday is …….. October.

5. My sister wakes up at 7 o’clock ……. the morning.


VI. Choose the correct item.

1. Our house is ……… the bank and the toy shop. (A   under, B   between)

2. «Where’s the newspaper?» «It's …….. the table.» (A  on, B   behind)

3. John sits ……… Pete in class. They are good friends. (A  on, B   next to)

4. I put flowers ……. a vase. (A  opposite, B   in)

5. «Where’s the cat?» «She's ……… the table.» (A  between, B   under)

6. He sits …….. the computer all day. (A  in front of, B   in)

7. There are two paintings …….. the wall. (A  in, B   on)


VII. Choose the correct response.

1. Whose birthday is in winter?

A. A quarter past one.

2. When’s your birthday?

B. Saturday!

3. What’s the date today?

C. It’s 19th October.

4. What’s the time, please?

D. It’s on 21st March.

5. What’s your favourite day of the week?

E. I’m thirteen.

6. Where do you want the lamp?

F. On the coffee table, please.

7. How old are you?

G. It’s John’s.


VIII. Read the email and choose the correct word.


From: Andy

To: Mike

Subject: My new neighbourhood!


Hi, Mike!

     How are you? My new neighbourhood is great. There are lots of shops and cafes. I even have a sports shop right opposite my house! My Mum is very happy because there is a supermarket and a chemist’s on our street. There is also a library next to the supermarket. I go there to read books every weekend.

     It’s really nice here. Why don’t you come and stay with me during the school holidays?




1. The email is from Andy/ Mike.

2. Andy likes/doesn’t like his neighbourhood.

3. There are/are not many shops.

4. There is a sports shop opposite/next to Andy’s house.

5. There is/isn’t a library on their street.





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