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проверочная работа 9 класс Модуль 1

Фото пользователя Марина Михайловна Тунтула
Submitted by Марина Михайловна Тунтула on Tue, 05/11/2019 - 15:24
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Тунтула Марина Михайловна
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МКОУ-Ленинская СОШ № 47

Новосибирская область
Характеристики ресурса
Уровни образования: 
основное общее образование
9 класс
Английский язык
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Учитель (преподаватель)
Тип ресурса: 
контрольная (проверочная) работа
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<p>Контроль лексико-грамматических навыков . Модуль 1, 9 класс. Spotlight</p>

Данная проверочная работа представлена в виде лексико-грамматического теста, направленного на проверку овладения учащимися изученного материала по первому модулю учебника «Английский в фокусе 9» (ЛЕ по теме «Праздники», фразовые глаголы с turn, грамматика по теме Present Tenses, относительные местоимения и наречия). Тест состоит из пяти заданий, на выполнение которых дается 1 урок (40-45 минут)



TEST 1 9 класс Модуль 1


I.Fill in: take place,  receive, depend, patiently, spectacular, treats, stalls, raise

1.The festival usually _______.in May.
2.His decision will _______.on how soon he meets the committee.
3.We were waiting _______.for the storm to finish.
4.I was really impressed with that _______.concert!
5.On Halloween children ask for _______.such as candies or sometimes money.
6.You can find everything on Oxford street. There are lots and lots of _______.!
7.They tried to _______.money for charity.

II.Choose the correct response.

1. A: Is there anything worrying you?

    B: a. Don’t worry! Everything will be alright.

         b. Yeah, I’m really anxious about my exam.

2. A: You know, I’ve just walked under the ladder… Now something bad will happen to me.

    B: a. That’s a load of rubbish!

         b. That’s not the point!

  1. A: We’ve lost this match.

B: a. Better luck next time!

    b. You lucky thing!

  1. A: I broke my umbrella on Friday the 13th!

B: a. What a stupid thing!

    b. What a coincidence!

  1. A: Good luck!

B: a. Thanks. I’ll need it!

    b. Thanks. I’m glad you think so.

  1. A: Don’t worry. It was an accident, after all.

B: a. What’s the matter?

    b. That’s not the point!

III. Word Formation.

      Add –ed or –ing to the words in brackets so the sentence is correct, translate the words under     a), b). (10 points)

  1. I find cleaning the room quite a)… . I always get b)… at the end. (tire)
  2. I often feel a)… when somebody tries to play a trick on me. It’s quite an b)… situation for me. (embarrass)
  3. It’s really a)… to prepare for a final exam. You can’t but become totally b)… . (exhaust)
  4. He’s such an a)… person! Everyone is usually b)… after 5 minutes of talking to him. (annoy)
  5. People don’t usually feel a)… when they watch this film, it’s not at all b)… . (bore)

IV. Relative Clauses.

       Use which, where, who, whose, when to join the sentences.

  1. Mike loves Halloween. He is eight.
  2. Christmas is a great holiday. Everybody believes in magic.
  3. Carnival is a popular festival. It is celebrated in many countries.
  4. Sarah’s favourite food is cake. She likes birthday parties.
  5. Maslenitsa is held in Moscow every year. Moscow is a huge city.


V. Present Tenses.      

2. Put the verb in brackets in Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous:

1) Jane (write) a letter to a magazine for 2 hours. She (not finish) it yet.

2) “-What you (do).” – “I (look) for my pen-knife.”

3) Nick (play) a computer game for two hours and he is still playing.

4) I already (do) the housework. I can go for a walk now.

5) The concert (start) at 7 p.m.  So we (meet) at 6.30 p.m.  You (come) with us?

6) Sara (think) of moving a new house.

7) Jack (wait) for Jenny since afternoon. She (not arrive) yet.

8) -” Why you (smell) this cheese?” – “ It (smell)

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