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Внеклассное мероприятие "День Колумба"

Фото пользователя Ольга Борисовна Биндас
Submitted by Ольга Борисовна Биндас on Fri, 17/04/2009 - 22:16
Данные об авторе
Биндас Ольга Борисовна
Место работы, должность: 
ГОУ РМЭ "Лицей им. М.В. Ломоносова"
Республика Марий Эл
Характеристики урока (занятия)
Целевая аудитория: 
Учитель (преподаватель)
9 класс
Английский язык
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Иллюстрации, аудиозаписи

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Внеклассное мероприятие страноведческого характера, посвященное открытию Колумбом Америки


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 9 класса.
Составлено учителем ГОУ РМЭ «Лицей им. М.В. Ломоносова»
Биндас Ольгой Борисовной

Практические задачи
1.      Совершенствование навыков говорения
2.      Развитие навыков аудирования
3.      Развитие навыков чтения
Образовательные задачи
1.      Информировать учащихся о культуре и обычаях США
2.      Расширить знания учащихся об открытии Америки
Воспитательные задачи
1.      Воспитывать уважение к другой культуре
2.      Прививать интерес к путешествиям и исследованиям
3.      Развивать культуру общения
Развивающие задачи
1.      Развитие памяти, мышления, внимания учащихся
2.      Развитие воображения учащихся
3.      Развитие актерских способностей учащихся
Оснащение урока
1.      Иллюстрации
2.      Раздаточный материал
3.      Магнитофонные записи
Ход урока
I Вступительное слово учителя
Good morning, boys and girls! Today we are having an unusual lesson. You know that there were a lot of great voyages in the history, but none of them had such a great influence on the whole world as the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. And today we are going to celebrate the Columbus Day.
II.Основная часть
1.     Фонетическая зарядка
Let's start our lesson with a poem. Take the sheets of paper.
Christopher Columbus
Sailing, sailing
Over the sea
In three little ships
One, two, three
Land! Land!
Land in the view!
In fourteen – hundred
And ninety – two!
We stand on America
Smiling in the sun
Christopher Columbus
You are the one!
Учащиеся читают и переводят стихотворение
2.              Речеваязарядка
·        What do you know about Christopher Columbus and his voyages?
·        When did he start his voyage to America?
·        How many ships were there in his expedition? Etc.
3.     Викторина
Let's try to answer the questions of the quiz.
Read the first question. What do you think?
Columbus Day Quiz
1. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?
a) Spanish                                    b) Portuguese                    c) Italian               d) Norwegian
2. On what island did Columbus land on October 12, 1492?
a) the Bahamas                  b) Cuba                           c) the Hawaii                   d) Tahiti
3. In which countries is Columbus Day celebrated?
a) Italy              b) Spain                 c) France             d) Great Britain
4. What was the name of the ship on which Columbus sailed?
a) the Nina                b) the Pinta                  c) the Santa Maria                     d) the Titanic
5. When did Columbus discover America?
a) in 1486                         b) in 1492                        c) in 1594                      d) in 1582
6. What title did Columbus get after the voyage?
a) Admiral                     b) Captain                       c) Marshal                         d) Lieutenant
7. When is Columbus Day celebrated?
a) October, 12                                                                     c) the second Monday in October
b) the last Monday in October                                        d) October, 31
8. What country provided Columbus with money and ships for is voyage?
a) Portugal                     b) Italy                      c) Spain                       d) Great Britain
4. Обучениечтению
So now we are going to read a text about this historic event and then we'll be able
to answer all the questions. I give you 3 minutes to look through the text and find
the correct answers.
Columbus Sails
Fill in the blanks with the words
Sail                     Expensive          Asia                    Rank                   Admiral              Rulers
Supplies              Refused             Cheaply             Sea                    Spain                 Route
Chance               Land                   Fiancé                 West                   Discovered         Money
Columbus had a dream. His dream was to reach Asia by sailing 3,000 miles (1) ______. If
could reach (2) ______ by sea, he could transport Asian spices, silks, and other valuable
products by (3) ______ . At this time, the products had to be transported over a long and
dangerous (4) ______ route. This made the products scarce and (5) ______. A sea route
would mean the goods could be transported more (6) _______ and in greater quantity.
Anyone who could find this sea (7) _____ would receive great honours and become very
Columbus needed someone to help (8) _____ the trip if he was to turn his dream into reality
He asked the (9) _______ of Portugal, Spain, and England for financing backing. They all
(10) __________ to help. They thought the plan had little (11) _______ of success an<
would cost too much (12) _____.
Finally, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of (13) _______ changed their minds. They
provided Columbus with three ships and all the necessary (14) _______ In addition, they
promised to make him governor of any new lands that he discovered, to make him an
(15)______, and to grant him a noble (16)________ if he was successful.
On August 3, 1492, Columbus set (17) ________. On October 12, 1492, he landed in
America. He was convinced that he had (18) ______ the sea route from Europe to Asia. He
believed this to his dying day.
Answers: 1 West 2 Asia 3 sea 4 land 5 expensive 6 cheaply 7 route 8 fiancé 9 rulers 10 refused 11 chance 12 money 13 Spain 14 supplies 15 admiral 16 rank 17 sail 18 discovered
5. Тренировканавыковиспользованиялексики
a)There are also some questions after the text. We are going to answer them. Read
the first one, Christina....the second ...
b)The next task. How are these proper names connected with the discovery of
America? Queen Isabella, Amerigo Vispucci,  Guanahani, Franklin Roosevelt, Santa Maria                                  

с)Findtheseexpressionsandwordsinthetext: принимать как должное, из гордости за, рассуждать, полагать, неосведомленный, выдвинуть свои идеи, поддерживать, последующий, завоевывать, континент, материк, мореплавание, провозглашать, на рассвете, полушарие, убедить, в форме шара, рискованное мероприятие, угрожать, маршрут, путь
Columbus Day
Today we take for granted that the world is round. In the fifteenth century, however, people believed that the world was flat. They laughed at or jailed those who dared think that the world was in the shape of a globe.
There were educated persons, however, who reasoned that the world must be round. An Italian named Christopher Columbus was bold enough to push his notion, and ask for money to explore the seas, and find what he thought would be the other hemisphere of the earth. Portugal, Italy and England refused to support such a venture.
Christopher Columbus convinced Queen Isabella of Spain that there was a new, easier route to Asia and possible new lands for Spain. Columbus first asked Queen Isabella for help in 1486, but it was years before she agreed….provided that he conquer some of the islands and mainland for Spain. Columbus would also be given the title of "Admiral of All the Ocean Seas".
Finally, on August 3, 1492, he and ninety men set sail on the flagship Santa Maria. Two other ships came with him. Three long months went by. His men became tired and sick, and threatened to turn the ships back. On October 11th, ten o'clock at night, Columbus saw a light, which, in fact, was land. The next morning at dawn they landed.
Christopher Columbus and his crew had expected to see people native to India that's why they called the first people they saw "Indians". From the "Indians" they learnt that the island was called Guanahani (The Bahamas Island). When they landed on the island that is now Cuba, they thought they were in Japan. After three subsequent voyages Columbus was still unenlightened. He died a rich and famous man, but he never knew he discovered new lands.
Few celebrations marked the discovery until hundreds of years later. The continent was not even named after Columbus, but an Italian explorer Amerigo Vispucci. Out of pride for their native son, the Italian population of New York City organized the first celebration of the discovery of America on October, 12, 1866. Later they called it Columbus Day. In 1937 president Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed every October 12 as Columbus Day. Since 1971, it has been celebrated on the second Monday in October. Columbus Day is also celebrated in Italy and most Spanish-speaking countries.
Answer the questions.
1. What did people think about the world in the past?
2. How did Columbus convince the Queen of Spain to give him ships and money?
3. Why did Columbus call the people he saw "Indians"?
4. Who was the new continent named after?
5. What is the history of Columbus Day?
How are these proper names connected with the discovery of America?
Queen Isabella                                Amerigo Vispucci
Santa Maria                                   Franklin Roosevelt
Find these expressions and words in the text: приниматькакдолжное, изгордостиза, рассуждать, полагать, неосведомленный, выдвинутьсвоиидеи, поддерживать, последующий, завоевывать, континент, материк, мореплавание, провозглашать, нарассвете, полушарие, убедить, вформешара, рискованноемероприятие, угрожать, маршрут, путь
Say in a different way:
Idea, thought-                                                 Taking place after sth-
Unknowing, ignorant-                          To assume; accept without thinking-
Half of a sphere or ball-                         To maintain, to help-
Undertaking-                                         Way-
d)Say it in a different way: idea, thought...
(задания выполняются в группах)
Areyouready? Let's come back to our quiz again. So number one...
6. Обучениеаудированию
So the discovery of America was really a big event in the history of the world and
no wonder that so many films have been made and so many books have been
written about it. Now we are going to listen to an interview with an author of the
book about Christopher Columbus. Take these sheets of paper. While you are
listening you will try to find the answers to the questions. Let's read them.
Listen to an interview with the author of a book about Christopher Columbus. Answer the questions.
1. How many voyages did Columbus have?
2. Which voyage is described in the film? What kind of adventures did he have?
3. What was Columbus's goal?
4. What does the author of the book think about Columbus as a person?
5. Were Columbus's voyages important for the whole world? Prove that he was a bold man.
We are going to listen to it once so be very attentive.
So let's answer the questions. (Проверка задания во фронтальном режиме)
7.               Сценка
Thank you for your work. Surely enough such a great event as the discovery of
America was staged a lot of times. Now we are going to stage it too. I am going to
be your director and you are actors. I need Christopher Columbus, Donia Felipa,
Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, Diego, 2 sailors and 2 Native Americans.
Listen to me. I am going to read you a story and your task is to show it with your gestures, facial expression but without words. Clear? Let's start
Hello! I am Christopher Columbus. I grew up thinking and dreaming about great sea adventures.
When I was 191 started my travels by ships. Once in a battle our ship sank and I was wounded. I
grabbed a large oar and jumped into the sea. How luck I was to stay alive!
Then I moved to Liaison, a sea port in Portugal. There I met a beautiful woman named Donia Felipa and soon married her. We were really pleased when our little son Diego was born. But I was still thinking about sailing west to the Indies and that's why I took my plans to Queen Isabella and king Ferdinand of Spain. Although they showed interest they were busy at war. Finally Queen Isabella sold her crown jewels to buy my ships. And on August, 3, 1492, 1 sailed from Spain.
My sailors feared that we wouldn't be able to find a way back home. On the 13th of October I
saw land! My dream came true. My sailors were very happy. We were given grand reception by the local people. As soon as I got back home I was made an admiral.
Учащиеся с помощью мимики и жестов изображают услышанное.
8. Игровыезадания
And now we have some extra time. Take these sheets of paper with tasks.
Unscramble these words.
Columbus Day is celebrated in the United States on October 12th Unscramble these words that have to do with Columbus Day.
1.   ssihp                                       _______________
2. hcritpsoehr ocumblsu                 _______________
3. atsna aamir                                     _________________
4. nspia                                               ________________
5. itnap                                               ________________
6. irsloa                                  _________________
7. nocae                                           ________________
8. eruto
9. Igdo                                              ________________
10. eiscsp                                       _________________
Answers: ships, Christopher Columbus, Santa Maria, Spain, Pinta, sailor, ocean, route, gold, spices

Thank you very much for your work. I hope that you have learnt a lot of new things about Christopher Columbus and his great voyage. For our lesson I am giving the following marks. . .
The lesson is over. You may be free, good bye


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