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The Mistery Of The Royal Floral Names

Submitted by Мария Денисовна Матвиенко on чт, 19/04/2018 - 12:09

Students Scientific Research Society
Gymnasium named after A.V.Koltsov








The Mystery of  The Royal Floral Names




Done by:  Matvienko Maria

                                                                                        8«C» form

Revised  by: Polskaya T. N.








Voronezh 2018

Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

«Гимназия имени А.В.Кольцова»

городского округа город Воронеж





Учебно-исследовательская работа

по английскому языку

на тему: «Тайна происхождения названий «королевских цветов»




Выполнила: ученица 8 «В» класса

Матвиенко Мария


Научный руководитель:

учитель английского  языка

Польская Татьяна Николаевна






Воронеж 2018





1. The British royal family - the beginning of the tradition…………………..……5


2. Queen Elizabeth II and her sisters……………………………………...………..7


3. The flowers named after modern royal figures……………………………...…..8


Conclusion…………………………………………………………………..…… 10


References …………………………………………………………………….....11


















There is a tradition to name new sorts of flowers in honour of the famous people: scientists, composers, artists, public, political and royal figures.

The British royal family is one of the most famous and representative in the world. I was interested to know if there exist some flowers named after the British royal figures.

The aim of my work was to find out if there is a connection between some floral names and the British royal figures.




















  1. The British royal family - the beginning of the tradition.


       8 royal dynasties have come to the British throne since IX c. Six times women headed the country. The present monarch of the United Kingdom is Queen Elizabeth II. She came to the throne in 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI.

       The members of the British royal family have many privileges. One of them is very beautiful. Nearly everyone has a flower (or flowers) named in his honour.

       The tradition to name new sorts of flowers after the royal figures appeared in Britain long ago.

       Royal Strelitzia («Bird of Paradise») – is one of the most wonderful flowers in the world, a symbol of beauty. The shape of this flower resembles a flying bird with colorful beak and crest.  It grows in South Africa.  At present Strelitzia is used for decorating the gardens. This flower was named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.  

       Queen Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818) was the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland in 1761-1818, the wife of King George III. She was a very educated woman. Queen Charlotte patronized arts (supported Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), was fond of botany, founded the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Gardens). She had 15 children. By the way the recipe of sweet dessert - apple pie («Сharlotte») belongs to Queen Charlotte.

       The granddaughter of Queen Charlotte - Queen Victoria
(1819–1901) was one of the greatest women in the world, a symbol of the
whole epoch. She  reigned  Britain in 1837-1901 (63 years and 216 days).

       Many flowers were named after Queen Victoria. Lobelia «Queen Victoria» is the best sort of Lobelia. This is a plant  up to 1,5 meters in height with red flowers  and  lancet-shaped  leaves.

       The biggest water lily in the world is «Victoria Regia»
or «The Gigantic Victoria of Amazon». English botanist Richard Schomburgk saw it in 1837 in South Africa in the Amazon basin for the first time. It was fantastic - with huge white, pink and purple flowers, huge leaves. He described this flower in his letters to the botanist Lindley - his friend in London. Lindley named it in honour of Queen Victoria  «Victoria Regia» («regia» — royal  in Latin). It was a present to Victoria in 1838 - the first anniversary of her reign.

       The leaves of this plant are like huge frying pans, two meters in diameter. The flowers bloom in the evening, stay open till the next morning and then dip under the water. At first the petals of the flowers are white, next day they become pink and  then crimson  or violet. After that the flowers lower under the water and never appear again.





















  1. Queen Elizabeth II and her sisters.

       At present the British royal family is headed by Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was born on April 21st, 1926 and came to the throne on February 6, 1952 after the death of her father and uncle. She was crowned in Westminster Abbey in June, 1953.

       The national flower of England is a red rose. In 1953 a new sort of roses was grown in the USA and named after young Queen Elizabeth II. The pink rose «Queen Elizabeth» is one of the most majestic roses in the world. This is the real queen of roses with big pink flowers. This sort of roses remains popular more than 60 years all over the world.

       The  roses «Jubilee Celebration» and «Golden Celebration» were named in honour of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 (Collection of David Austin). David Austin (born in 1926) is a famous English florist, the founder of the company «David Austin Roses» (1969). The roses selected by Austin are called «English Roses» and well-known all over the world. 8-9 new sorts of roses appear in his collection every year.

       The rose «Princess Alexandra of Kent» was named after Princess Alexandra (born in 1936) – the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. She is a gardener and fond of roses. Princess Alexandra is a president of World Wildlife Fund of Great Britain.

       The Queen's only younger sister was Princess Margaret (1930–2002), сountess of Snowdon. Margaret was called a «rebellious princess» for her disgraceful behavior. She visited clubs and was friendly with rockers. She was fond of gardening and well-known for her charity work. The apricot–orange rose and wonderful gladiolus were named after Princess Margaret. 






3. The flowers named after modern royal figures.


       The British family of monarchs is large and multi-branched. Queen Elizabeth II and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, got married in 1947. They have got 4 children - three sons and a daughter. Their eldest son is Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, known as a keen promoter of British interests. The Queen's other children are Princess Anne (born in 1950), Prince Andrew (born in 1960) and Prince Edward (born in 1964). The Queen has got 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

       Princess Anne (born in 1950) is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. Anne is famous for her charity work. She took part in the Olympic games in 1976 in horseback riding. Anne was the member of the International Olympic Committee, the president of International Federation of equestrian sport. The rose «Princess Anne» (2010) was named after her. Its pink colour symbolizes her great charity work.

       Many flowers were named after Princess Diana. The Princess (1961-1997) was the wife of Prince Charles, the Queen’s eldest son. Diana won the hearts of millions people in many countries by her modesty, shyness and beauty. Unfortunately she died in a car accident in 1997. Her death was a great tragedy and loss for the whole British nation. Lady Di was very kind. She liked common people. Diana was devoted to the sick and poor. She visited hospitals and worked on children's charities. She wanted to give people a part of her soul and her love.

        The white rose «The Princess of Wales» was named after Diana.  Clematis «Princess Diana» was grown in Britain in 1984. The height of the bush is 2-3 meters. It is resistant to the cold and illnesses. It has original flowers – red small bells. The rose «Diana, the princess of Wales» also reminds us about the darling People’s Princess. It was grown in 1997 after her death.

       The eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana - Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton got married in 2011. At present they have two wonderful kids – Prince George (2013) and Princess Charlotte (2015). All the members of this family have flowers named in their honour. When William and Kate visited the Botanical garden in Singapore they were given their own orchid. In 2011 the white rose «William Catherine» appeared.

       In 2014 the narcissus was named in honour of Prince George – firstborn of William and Kate. The flower is merry and sunny as he is. Deliflor, the famous florist, called his new sort of pink and green orchids after Princess Charlotte  – «Rosanne  Sharlotte».


























       I found out that many sorts of flowers especially roses were named in honour of the British royal figures. It has become a good tradition in Great Britain. It’s very beautiful, touching and it shows people’s love and respect for the members of the royal family.